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Our choirs meet every Monday & Thursday (Blessing Gospel Choir) and Tuesday & Friday (Songambele International Gospel Choir) from 5pm to 8pm. 
We'd love to see you.


Blessing Choir is a choir that sings and perform christian gospel music using different music genres and various dancing styles

Blessing Choir is based at Amazing Gace Gospel Church (AGGC)  which is located in Salisbury where it performs every Saturdays and Sundays at the church. It is a second choir that is within the church after Songambele International Gospel Band. It is a very energetic group loves to sing and dance in praising and worshiping God. It is overall mission is to spread the message of gospel using music.

Songambele International Gospel Band (S.I.G.B) is a band/choir that sings and perform Christian gospel music through different music genres and dances using various dancing styles.

Songambele International Gospel Band (S.I.G.B is based in Salisbury - Adelaide - South Australia where it performs every Saturdays and Sundays at the Amazing Grace Gospel Church. Songambele International Gospel Band is made of 20 members of different ages. Their exciting blend of gospel music and dance has entertained audiences at the grand final at AAMI stadium and other local events. They have also performed at Opera House in Sydney (NSW), Granville Community which is located in Sydney, Adelaide Festival, Parliament House in Canberra and South Australia Government House for Governor's Multicultural Awards.
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